It’s Friday but

Don’t slow down. Be with more fire and intention than any of the past 4 days. Admire your own actuation. -mike

If you relax at the end of a

long day, you’ll find it’s some of the most meaningful work you’ve done all day. Stay thinking, stay in thought, never be caught not-thoughtful.


Follow up on your observations.  Note them, study them, study the notes and what you’ve studied, and how, in the notes themselves.

You’re not overthinking.

You’re just too receptive to your own self-doubt. Listen more to your vision, and less to the ‘what if’, ‘if’, and ‘not’.

After work,

it’s time to collect.  Assess.  What you’ve done for the day, imagine where you see yourself, wherever that is, professionally or personally.  And if you’re already there, what you learn from it.  Being there.  Your There. Eating almonds before class, taking sip from a Coke which I never do, and replaying day.  Everything from the…

See everything.

See your Self, See your scene, See from reality’s mezzanine.

Seeing more in your current…

Always be in thought. Not just in the moment, but around and toward the moment, no matter how challenging or draining.


You start a new job and don’t know what to think.  You might feel anxious or insecure, maybe even eager or antsy.  I’ve always found, always, that making it your own is the answer.  For everything in any new job or new class, some new experience be it living in a new city, neighborhood, state. …