You are your

most adept and set educator. Quiet, time to self, only begets this.


Thoughts…. You let your mind wander, you find gems. You keep it kept in some curriculum coffin, you find wheels, and you can only run on them. Not moving, not growing. Nothing. Be mad to live and ravenous for EVERYTHING.


Introspection…. Brings with it its own dimension and lesson. Have a talk with self for more SELF.


Experience. Writing. Life. Strain and pain. Otherwise-dismissible moments and observations. Inward talk and hits. When we decide to write. The where more than the why, but not more than the how.


A manuscript.

For tonight…

Bring something to as much life as you can, with ONE page in your journal. I’m not going to say “appeal to senses”, as there are other ways to put life into your writing. But, do it however you want. Doesn’t have to be something you love or hate, just bring IT to life. Make…

When you let your mind wander,

you find gems, bridges, new doors and windows open. New stages, sight, music. Don’t think you always have to have specificity in your thoughts.