There is poetry and music in everything. Essay writing, narration, IS poetic. Where the poetry connects and the vigor of the connection is something to develop and discuss.


And everything is written.  Everything should be, if you want to know YOU. Know your Now and how it only invites you to see ways to get to your There.


Just not too much. Thinking can stall creative. The creative should always be rooted in whim.


the assembled realities of each scene in your story.

There is no early.

There is no late. There is only and wholly where you are, what you’re doing, and the WHY to all.

1B – 1/22/20

The semester.  Where we are and what we’re doing. Writing. You and your story. Why should a reader read, care, emulate, what should they learn?                 Are you learning something new about your self and story in writing it? Hunter S. Thompson…. Sources?  Findings?  What is the deal with him?  How does he write?  What…


Where you be. What you do.