Want to learn something, today…..?

Your anxiety over writing is real. Because you’ve told yourself it is. When you start writing, there’s something written. And that feeling can only die.

Essay No Not

                All semester writing essays.  What do we know about them?  How do we approach one?  One idea. We don’t think.  We know we have to provide a position, an argument on page, and so many will provide formulas on how to do that, that the formula being provided is the only… the one you…

You are your

most adept and set educator. Quiet, time to self, only begets this.


Thoughts…. You let your mind wander, you find gems. You keep it kept in some curriculum coffin, you find wheels, and you can only run on them. Not moving, not growing. Nothing. Be mad to live and ravenous for EVERYTHING.


Introspection…. Brings with it its own dimension and lesson. Have a talk with self for more SELF.