English 5 – Monday 3/1//20

5-5:10pm:  HI!  Tell us about your weekend, and day so far?  TELL US A STORY… we as readers will decide what it means… 5:10-5:35pm:  Telling a story… nothing is boring.  Why do people think of themselves as boring?  EVER?  As a narrator, the only thing you decide is whether to write or not.  that’s it….

English 5 – 2/24/21

5-5:10pm: Narrate your day… write it out!! 5:10-5:40pm: Open discussion on EVERYTHING… what you want as a career, Lawson, writing, the essay we’re writing… EVERYTHING. The more you write, the more credit you accrue. 5:40-6pm: Our next author, Samantha Irby…. Look her up right now. What did you find? What does she seem like? Like…

English 5 – 2/22/21, Monday

5-5:10pm:  Bonsoir!!  How is everyone doing?  Done any writing for yourself?  Any reading?  Does anyone in here run? 5:10pm-5:35pm:  Report on essays… where did you start?  What have you done? What do you want to do? FTP:  You should always have something envisioned for an essay, what you want the reader to remember and think…

English 5 – 2/17/21, Wednesday

5-5:10pm:  Intro….  How was your break?  What did you do? What did you read, write?  Read or write anything for you? 5:10-5:35pm:  Lawson’s book….  What is your opinion? What did it show you? What do you wish it had done? If it did teach you something or connect with you in some unique way, what…


Reality draws over itself. The interpretation says so. Twin walls.


Enthusiasm blended with presence is a finder, fixer, healer, and holder.

English 5 – 2/10/21, Wednesday

5-5:10pm:  How are you?  Tell us some TRUTH from your day… 5:10-5:30pm:  What singular idea are you consistently feeling in Lawson’s work?  Could you write a 3 to 4-page essay on it?  How would you start? 5:30-5:50pm:  Open discussion on happiness… how do we get it.  And more than that, what do you recommend someone…


Thoughts grabbing me aggressively.

English 5 Prompt for 2-page paper … 2/3/21

BEFORE I TELL YOU WHAT THE PROMPT IS, BE SURE TO EMAIL IT TO ME BEFORE OUR ZOOM MEETING ON MONDAY, 2/8/21 Respond to the following, in two FULL pages: How would you describe Jenny Lawson’s strength? Write your opinion, and support it. That simple. Don’t think of this as some English class paper. KNOW,…