Fear and avoid the day you stop learning.

note to self

Even if you’re exhausted at day’s end, keep working. On the YOU-projects. Those projects that are only there as you want them to be. Goals need the tireless pursuer, not the situational one.

In being your best teacher,

the most valuable educator you have in your life, in your story, be open to everything around you, how you interpret your observations.  The person that can stop you, is YOU.  Period.  There is nothing in your way.  You are the author of your story and there is no such thing as “writer’s block”.  Creatives…

We always see something for ourselves.  Some goal.  Something we want.  Could be a longterm something, something for this week.  This Monday, how you want to start the week and how you see the week progressing.  Write something down.  Keep moving.  The stationary seer isn’t a seer.  Capitalize that, ‘Seer’.  What you can do to…

You know

who you are. Remind your SELF. Repeatedly.

Start working tomorrow morning, EARLY, tonight. Coffee, meditation, conviction, vision, Personhood collection…

Don’t let

technology dictate or orchestrate mood work work pace.