Phone No Love the self The immediate identity All quirks and oddities copied Loved and adored and studied Replicated them Proliferate and situate in them Know the love in core of your newest Now Something for you And only you Fondness of cosmic altitude Flying, sounding, skies and clouds Streets and tables by cafés Reasoning…


Movement solves.Excess deliberation stalls and obstructs.

10:52 note

Authoring your day and moments will antagonize different results… Results that are much more than mere “results”… but luminous and invigorating directions and dimensions, promising growth and enrichment in your craft and creative. Pen, paper, start writing. And more than any other thought that can be offered… ENJOY. Delight in the difference and contrast of…

Inward jots are invaluable.

And, they teach more directly and honestly, with more encouragement than outside voices and entities. Listen to Self, especially when written.


In business and everything. YOUR. day.

When you think excessively,

you start to notice your excess thinking, then thinking about it, and nothing is accomplished. Challenge: Just produce, and don’t think. ABOUT ANYTHING.

Music in everything that you sense and intend.

That brings it about, that makes it real, believable to you. It only need be believable to you.  You’re the author, the instigator more than merely the teller of the story. Your words are yours.  The production you assume is a boon to your newest moon. Know your beat, your songs, your tracks… where you…