Books, Notebooks

Be in both everyday as much as you’re able. Study and grow and be YOU. Your story, your pages… you decide all directions and things.

People that want you to

be miserable with them and like them don’t speak the same language as you. Empathize to a point, but past that point you need to re-direct and focus on your story and visions. There are no chances, only singular opportunities.


Sit.  Say nothing. Let a room speak to you. Teach you.  Show you something, tell you a story and instruct you on what’s keeping you from something.


This kind of “workshop”… First of all, it’s not a workshop.  Get that word out of your head. We read.  We react.  We have a conversation, one that produces several realities…. Confidence in our writing, information for revision, new ideas and new thought… Essays, Read Comments What to do, fix, expand How do you know…

A student… one who…. 

One who, what?  What do we do as students?  We study, we struggle, we take notes and study more. This professor says this, another in another semester says opposite.  Opposite, then back to starting sight semesters later.  We make it our own.  That’s how we persist and insist, semester to semester as students.  Write everything…

Find somewhere that

speaks to you. That tells you where to go, how to arrive. Sit there, scribble your sight, what you want, over, over. Have your last jot be arrival. Then, start again.