Language and lean Angles and sitting She just talks I have to empathize The code Mindful of triggers But no gun Just that for the word And inference of that That’s the wick That’s the catalyst It’s the most successful Formula and notes known Well that was easy Now you can command And plan, anywhere…


Forget what stresses you. Embrace and encourage what emboldens and elevates you. Something I’m thinking about tonight. For me, and ALL of you. Enjoy your night. Love, #professormikey


Writing isn’t always the travel – the Road, or flight. Many times it’s being in the shop, repairing the vehicle.


Everything around you is a lesson and statement.  It’s material.  There’s no excuse to not write, if you want to.  The plainness is poetry, and the otherwise dismissible has definite dimension. Stop looking when you don’t need to.  Not that you’ve found something, but your ideas and topics and written directions have already found YOU.