English 1B, Monday 3/30/20

-If you want to know your last essay grade, let me know.  But, honestly, we’re starting this whole thing over.  Starting NOW. -First off, how is everyone doing?  What are you writing, how are you dealing with all this?  What’s on your mind? -Let’s PRODUCE.  Story, thought, let’s just MOVE… -Let’s just move forward….  But…


Encourages composition. You’re in the chair. CREATE, PRODUCE…. since you’re there. Enjoy, …….. – #professormikey

Current colleagues …

Tomorrow we start over. Not only that… we begin a narrative that mends and composes more composition, more narrative… Truly, now we get to learn. NOT from me… from each other. Enjoy your night, kind friends. Talk to you all this week. ❤️🖋🙏


Is Jenny Lawson someone writing with care, or carelessness?  And, carelessness isn’t at all a bad thing, necessarily. Jot your thoughts, below…


your day. Whatever details and specifics you wish to include… Don’t paint a picture, transport readers INSIDE the visual.

Journal Pages

Share some new writing from your days and realizations, moments in all this. This new story. What are you producing in your quarantine coves? And more importantly… How are you doing? Stay well, m


What we’re in …

Something I need to say….

This whole thing is testing us, in a multitude and stormy assembly of ways. I’m quite convinced, though, that this elevates and decides character direction. Many of you in the 1B SRJC crews have written me talking about the dimensions of quarantine, the narrative it provides. The reality that you’re writing its realities and the…


You’re thinking what? Write it. Lecture us on your Now…


Today You