Happiness and your day-to-day the way you’d like to arrange, can all be written. Start writing, enjoy the drafting process…. Scribble over, erase, and keep writing. Keep the drafting its own constant composition.


Stay set, amplified and highly decided, even at EOD …

Some people…

All they want to do is get to you. Sour your day, somehow. They do, then you allowed. Only hear enlivening notes.


I believe in the encouragement of others, in their ambitions and aims, current projects and production…. Sharing ideas that in my heart of hearts I find helpful, as they helped me at some point. I don’t look to lead, I aim to elevate.

Something I need to say….

This whole thing is testing us, in a multitude and stormy assembly of ways. I’m quite convinced, though, that this elevates and decides character direction. Many of you in the 1B SRJC crews have written me talking about the dimensions of quarantine, the narrative it provides. The reality that you’re writing its realities and the…


Everything. And with no fear or excess thought.