Where you be. What you do.


Keep taking notes. Keep studying. Keep yourself a magnet to education in the moments and objects and people around you… that are right here in the room while you note your notes.

There will be no blocks.

There will be no obstructions or impediments. There will only be a forward, progression and creative advance. Blocks are accepted before they can be effective. You are present, you are more than capable and you are fortunate to realize that you have the opportunity to create, make something where you are, of who and what…

Aim for

COMPOSITION. Never control.

You are your

most adept and set educator. Quiet, time to self, only begets this.


Thoughts…. You let your mind wander, you find gems. You keep it kept in some curriculum coffin, you find wheels, and you can only run on them. Not moving, not growing. Nothing. Be mad to live and ravenous for EVERYTHING.