English 1B, Monday 5/11/20

6-6:10pm:  How are you…?  What have you been writing for yourself? 6:10-6:20pm:  Narrative final drafts?  How do you feel?  How do you want the reader to feel? 6:20-6:45:  ALL IRBY… What did you think?  What about her writing and ideas do you most value as a reader? 6:45-7pm:  Your notes on Irby…. What did you…


about those days that teach you. Study. Study more.

In the morning,

you are to love your day and life and place, individually and collectively, singing each track with mazing inquiry.

Get up earlier.

Start writing before anyone on your street or block, in your city, is moving. If not to write, then move. Closer to your There.