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The only reason Why are you doing Something that sinks you There is no reason Untie anchor Hop in adhoc lots

English 5 – Monday 3/1//20

5-5:10pm:  HI!  Tell us about your weekend, and day so far?  TELL US A STORY… we as readers will decide what it means… 5:10-5:35pm:  Telling a story… nothing is boring.  Why do people think of themselves as boring?  EVER?  As a narrator, the only thing you decide is whether to write or not.  that’s it….

English 5 – 1/27/21, Wednesday

5-5:20pm:  What were some thoughts that went through your head today?  What did you do with them?  Are you going to do anything with them?  What do they mean? Think of your life as literature.  It IS. It’s a story.  You’re writing even when you’re not writing.  So… what did you write today? FYN (For…