If you keep circling yourself, you’ve decided that nowhere is acceptable.


Keep driving …

11:28 note

Pressuring self does little but make you realize what you’re not doing. Elevating self to SELF – a different matter. Keep the inward words joyous and forwarding.   You’ll more delight in and enjoy the result. 5/14/21

Sorry Story Different

The only reason Why are you doing Something that sinks you There is no reason Untie anchor Hop in adhoc lots


5-5:10:  What have you learned about yourself, recently? 5:10-5:35:  Knowing what you want to say IS the essay……. So, what do you want to say?  Where do you start?  What’s the word?  Then what? IDEA:  Start by talking to the reader of your paper….  Like, “Love is something that is inevitable.  Think of the people…