And let self be loved.


With motion constant, you can’t be slowed.  Or defeated.  Definitely not defeated.  February threatens to end, but your present presence dismisses the idea and actuality of timed ideality.  You’re free, freer than free this morning.  All from more appreciation of self and where you are.  The Now, and understanding it more thoroughly and truthfully.  You…


You have more than you realize. Don’t trust me. Trust YOU.


Your work IS your talent. Work more.

This morning with beats in my ears, poetry on mind, latte right. 

Need today to do something–  I’ve written that sentence before.  And I’ve written that I’ve written it, before.  Love the office on Saturdays.  Quiet, slow, more my beat and roll.  No rush, or at least not immediately.  No one competing for this nook in which I now sit and type with this music in my…