With motion constant, you can’t be slowed.  Or defeated.  Definitely not defeated.  February threatens to end, but your present presence dismisses the idea and actuality of timed ideality.  You’re free, freer than free this morning.  All from more appreciation of self and where you are.  The Now, and understanding it more thoroughly and truthfully.  You have tasks ahead of you today but you don’t catalogue them, for once.  Neither in your head nor on paper.  You create, you keep moving.  Today is different.  Yes you’ve said that to yourself before, but this morning you more hardily annunciate your actions and actuations.

You let nothing bother, control, interfere, or even partially obstruct or pause what you have in your day’s narration.  Today is your proclaiming pulse, where you make the world around you acknowledge your intentions and visions, the singularity of you and how beaming it is, you are, with creative promise.  You study the room you’re in, why you’re there, what you’re doing there, how most advantageously expand and exclaim your aims from it.  The motions you punctuate early in the morning forwards your intended nexus, your centrality of intentions.  Your presence, in the present and forward going educates you further on your character.  An essay, today… or a novel, a memoir, something for you and for other from which to learn and lovingly imbue.

Arrive with assurance in motion, in the hour, the morning, the coffee you sip, the words you presently write and type.  Write to self throughout day, either on paper or in inwardly spoken ways.  No time to it, just the movement itself.  Your movement, your Now, your story and character.  Today, not just different, but decided in a way that you have no interest in attempting to explain.  Explanation isn’t needed.  Your conviction and narrative color’s what’s to be heeded.

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