Where I am

tonight. In my classroom. Meaning, where I am, in what I’m doing.

One more time.

Cuz students need to hear this. Understand it. Practice it.


Students need to forget most of what they’ve been taught, and just write.  Trust themselves more and dismiss the proscribed structure and template teaching of past.  There is value in what they’ve been “taught”—notably, mostly, what not to do and how not to approach writing, and reading—but it should be tempered and balanced, harmonized with…


Everyday you should write your aims, what that day will give you and what you will gift it.  How you will be shaped as a result of decision.  How you will grow and be open to mistakes and failures of any shape and weight.  Openness to the day should be more than merely being “open”. …


Here. With coffee. Any the time I can’t help.


Have today be one where there are more declarations.  More decisions for YOU.  Write them down, over and over, read them to yourself.  Then write more, decide more.  Know that knowing your Now is your immediate gift, TODAY.  Declare your beat, your love, your love of self and your story, the reality that you have…