Students need to forget most of what they’ve been taught, and just write.  Trust themselves more and dismiss the proscribed structure and template teaching of past.  There is value in what they’ve been “taught”—notably, mostly, what not to do and how not to approach writing, and reading—but it should be tempered and balanced, harmonized with their own impulses toward reading and writing.  As well, there need be a genuine and ever-moving connection and intimacy toward their work.  And, recognize it as work.  Work that is yours.  Even if assigned, the work is yours.  Always yours.

Owning your assignments, yes, but as well exploring your own abilities and what you put to page, what you read in a book’s hemisphere.  Many ways of teaching are too dependent on structure as it is understood.  Why not madly amplify from your perspective and person, your passion.  When is that ever taught?  When is that ever emphasized?  Students ought be encouraged more to self-educate, just write, write more, read to themselves and the person sitting next to them, know the value in their self-education.  There are assignments, and there is the student.  YOU.  Do not forget about you and what you want to in your readings and writings ensue, pursue.

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