If you want to,

and you don’t even have to try that hard, you can have amazing days EVERY day.


your pages. React, write more. Read again. Then…..


You. That’s all you need to write…..

You don’t have to fear anything.

Why? Because whatever you fear first has to be perceived, accepted. You don’t have to accept the existence of what you think you fear.

A minute.

Maybe a bit more. Don’t move. Just see that you’re there, alive, and can move any which way you wish. That, is living. Seeing, knowing and loving you’re alive. ❤️🖋✊🏽


When new ideas greet us, whether we agree with them or not, or whether we find them agreeable, or even digestible, know that they are greeting us.  And doing so kindly.  Those expressions give way to others.  There is nothing that is meant to detract from our stories and characters.  Our narration must entail some…