When new ideas greet us, whether we agree with them or not, or whether we find them agreeable, or even digestible, know that they are greeting us.  And doing so kindly.  Those expressions give way to others.  There is nothing that is meant to detract from our stories and characters.  Our narration must entail some sort of peril or challenge, some degree of push-back.

Realize and SEE where you are right now. What you’re doing.  Even if it’s not what you’d like to be doing, work or school or social or whatever, it incites and introduces new ideas for your elevation, for further creation.  Even what you perceive as deplorable could tell some vast bon mot, something that teaches you in a way you never have been and furthermore show you something you’ve been hoping to see in yourself.

New ideas, all of them, give.  Give something.  And, always, with kindness and intention to add to your character composition.

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