Class hasn’t even started…

And he’s already wanting to interrupt, cause trouble, get my attention, just do what he does… And he’s good at it. ❤️

English 5 – 4/5/21, Monday

5-5:10pm:  Settle in, talk to  each other about your day and your thoughts on the day itself, what it taught you. 5:10-5:35pm:  Your story… what characters are in it and how will you teach us about these characters? 5:35-6pm:  What is the truth to your story?  And if it’s not just one, then how many? …


Always. KNOW IT.


You teach yourself by loving yourself. Start now.

English 5 – Monday 3/15/21

March’s Ides…. 5:5:10pm:  First ten words that come to mind….  Just write them down, let us respond.  Could take any form. ME: Not rushing. Don’t want that. Ease is what me frees. 5:10-5:40pm:  Self-talk in writing.  Why.  What does it do.  Is that what our authors are doing?  Why do it at all?   A…

English 5 – 3/8/21, Monday

5-5:10pm:  Hello!!  Tell us about your journal and journal writing lately.  Any stories?  Anything you could turn into a longer work?  Say 4-5 pages, ABOUT YOU? 5:10-5:40pm:  Samantha Irby’s essay flavor…..  tell us about it. 5:40-6pm:  What writing does for a reader, for the one writing.  But more than that… LIFE.  What we want from…

English 5 – Monday 3/1//20

5-5:10pm:  HI!  Tell us about your weekend, and day so far?  TELL US A STORY… we as readers will decide what it means… 5:10-5:35pm:  Telling a story… nothing is boring.  Why do people think of themselves as boring?  EVER?  As a narrator, the only thing you decide is whether to write or not.  that’s it….