English 5 – 2/22/21, Monday

5-5:10pm:  Bonsoir!!  How is everyone doing?  Done any writing for yourself?  Any reading?  Does anyone in here run? 5:10pm-5:35pm:  Report on essays… where did you start?  What have you done? What do you want to do? FTP:  You should always have something envisioned for an essay, what you want the reader to remember and think…


Reality draws over itself. The interpretation says so. Twin walls.


Thoughts grabbing me aggressively.

English 5 – 1/25/21, Monday

5-5:10pm:  Introduction, settle in.  How’s the writing going?  Have you touched your journal? 5:10-5:30pm:  Questions about last class, the semester, the syllabus? FOR TONIGHT’S PAGE:  This experience in English 5 will decline for you if you excessively deliberate, rather than ACTUATE.  Just move and create, contribute… 5:30-5:55pm:  What did you choose to write about, and…


Seeing something this morning. In the words. The kids. The pictures. Past jobs. Time and how I use it, when we talk to each other.

English 5 – 1/20/21, Wednesday

5-5;20pm: Introductions, site familiarity, syllabus. -Tell us a little about yourself, and your relationship with reading, writing. -What did you do today? What stories are there? 5:20-5:40: Who are you, beyond what you’ve already told us? What do you want? How will YOU get it?? NOTE FOR YOUR NOTES: Everything that you want is attainable….


Fundamental and basic sources of happiness, are what contribute the most to your character composition and overall being, wellness, togetherness of self.