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  1. Allison Haney says:

    Taking the time to view my life from another perspective if what helps me regain my focus. I become calmer too, knowing that I’m on the right path of growth.

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  2. Grisha Driscoll says:

    Stay hydrated, get some sleep, remember to eat breakfast and brush your teeth. Your mental health is easier to manage when you take care of yourself physically, fall into a routine to keep your body moving. Don’t get stagnant…

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  3. Begin honest with yourself, working out, and accomplishing at least 1 small thing a day are steps in the right direction towards better mental health.

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  4. Rory Parsons says:

    Focusing on becoming a better version of yourself while making sure to not overly stress about being perfect is the key to strong mental health.

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  5. jasonrholtz says:

    Learn to accept and appreciate the situations life gives us rather than judge the hand dealt. Our only real control in life is how we react.

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  6. jackmillerr says:

    “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”(Niebuhr). If I can stay focused, I at least stay busy. An idle mind is never a good thing.

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  7. Taylor Martindale says:

    I agree with Jack, “An idle mind is never a good thing.” Routine is important, even the little things like making the bed when you wake up. It gives a feeling of accomplishment at the start of your day.

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  8. leylacraven says:

    Sometimes my anxiety will prevent me from sharing my troubles with others out of fear of burdening them, when I really just need somebody to talk to. I find it extremely important to talk to someone when I am feeling overwhelmed or upset, because keeping these feelings bottled up for too long has led to bad outcomes for me. I always listen to others when they need it, I have to remember that the people I love are willing to do the same for me. It’s okay to not be okay and it’s okay to ask for help.

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  9. Emma Di Coio says:

    Be sure to stay aware of how you are feeling as you go about your day. A lot of the time I find myself so focused on the tasks at hand I forget to check in on myself. Being aware of how you are feeling will help with your self awareness, mental health and over all will help with collecting your thoughts.

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  10. William Duffield says:

    I find myself often doing what I can to make others happy, while not thinking or doing what makes me happy or feel good about myself, so I have to remind myself to do something that I enjoy just so that I can feel that joy.

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