5-5:10:  What have you learned about yourself, recently? 5:10-5:35:  Knowing what you want to say IS the essay……. So, what do you want to say?  Where do you start?  What’s the word?  Then what? IDEA:  Start by talking to the reader of your paper….  Like, “Love is something that is inevitable.  Think of the people…

ENGLISH 5 – 5/3/21, Monday

5-5:10:  How are you feeling, now that the semester is over?  Plans for Summer? 5:10-5:40:  Sedaris…. -Your opinion. -What he showed you. -How you connected with him. -Are you going to read other works of his?  Why or why not? -Again, considering out semester’s dominant idea or theme of Truth, how is Sedairs’ truth-telling different…


Can Always Decide.

Get up earlier.

Start writing before anyone on your street or block, in your city, is moving. If not to write, then move. Closer to your There.

All of it.

The narrative already knows you… Get to know IT.