This kind of “workshop”…

First of all, it’s not a workshop.  Get that word out of your head.

We read.  We react.  We have a conversation, one that produces several realities…. Confidence in our writing, information for revision, new ideas and new thought…

Essays, Read


What to do, fix, expand

How do you know when to submit?  When to be done?

Talk to you yourself about the draft, in writing.. note your findings and thoughts, what you see, what you want the reader of your piece to see.

What are you looking for?

Everything intersects, all elements connect. 

Modes of writing, different and paralleling.

What you want from life, career-wise, will ask for one or more of these.

Purpose of what you’re about to write.  What should it do?

What do you want it to do?

Prompt:  A story, in a hundred words…

Prompt:  YOU, in a hundred words…

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