A student… one who…. 

One who, what?  What do we do as students?  We study, we struggle, we take notes and study more. This professor says this, another in another semester says opposite.  Opposite, then back to starting sight semesters later.  We make it our own.  That’s how we persist and insist, semester to semester as students.  Write everything down, of course, and study our directions.  What we have ourselves doing here on campus.  In embracing the role of student we endorse our abilities and curiosities.

Students enrapture me, on a number of plains and stretches.  One, how so many of them think they have to know everything right now.  Yes they acknowledge they’re learning but become impatient with the prospect of patience.  I was the same, do note.  Two, when the ones eager for work come to class and are more emphatic than me in talking about writing and literature, and I walk away learning more than they did from me.  And three, not that this is the last but the last I here catalogue as I don’t have all the time in the world to paginate all the ways students intrigue me…. All of them in the room, engaging each other.  They remind each other what they’re doing in those seats, having written what they have, ready to read to their colleagues all around them.

An assignment is NOT an assignment, or not just that word.  In fact, further into my teaching like I trot I grow more indignant with saying it.  Assignments are opportunities for growth, self-education, discussion.  Where we strengthen abilities, and meander and skip in our own curiosities.  Semester to semester, we only consider what the professor says.  We make it ALL our own.  Each session, sitting, paper we write.  All of it’s OURS.  That’s how we should all ways persist.  Insist.

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