Workspace story… BUSY. 12+ hour day and #professormikey isn’t slowing down a. BIT. Embrace those long days. Don’t loathe them, don’t hide from them. Be strong and virulently decided in all of them. Make them work for you, as they are a part of YOUR story.


Always write in the morning. Then write in the evening responding to the earlier You.



Enjoy enjoy ENJOY!!!!!!!


Look through your old entries. Past captures, be they a day ago or a month or more. See the past self in relation to the you in the Now. Self-educate, amplify lessons and allow them to guide and delineate. Keep writing, keep reading your writings, study your character and its story and ascend.


Keep moving. Don’t let yourself slow.  Don’t be one of those people that looks at the clock and counts with it.  Be creative, give yourself new projects, new aims, new perspective.  As your day ends, you should be composing the one approaching.  What you want to happen, what you want to be taught.  For what…