Stay set, amplified and highly decided, even at EOD …

See only….

Don’t just judge situations as good or bad, light or dark, up or down…. all dualities and what comprises them compose opportunity. ELEVATION. Both dark times, and when you’re in perceived light, are elevating. See opportunity, see a climb, see more reason to love the Now.


Self And everyone


The drawing board holds gems, it doesn’t hide them. Stay there, at your board…. Stay moving. Listen. Create. Self-educate.

10:52 note

Authoring your day and moments will antagonize different results… Results that are much more than mere “results”… but luminous and invigorating directions and dimensions, promising growth and enrichment in your craft and creative. Pen, paper, start writing. And more than any other thought that can be offered… ENJOY. Delight in the difference and contrast of…


In business and everything. YOUR. day.


In the journal, there should be lawlessness.  There should be not just a freedom that you can’t find elsewhere but a promise to self that you are ever there for that self. There is no perfect setting or sitting.  The perfection is in the lawlessness of your own pages.

You’ve already written something.

You live, you create in each move, turn and breath. Put it to paper, incorporate it into your narrative, your story, your business and life and writing, EVERYTHING.