When writing…

Don’t think about the direction, the structure or properness, or even what you’re writing. Just move with words. Something will materialize. Fixate in the act, the presence of you on page. The more we think about writing and the order of it being one way, especially to pin some grade, we self-block. There’s poison introduced….

English 5 – 1/20/21, Wednesday

5-5;20pm: Introductions, site familiarity, syllabus. -Tell us a little about yourself, and your relationship with reading, writing. -What did you do today? What stories are there? 5:20-5:40: Who are you, beyond what you’ve already told us? What do you want? How will YOU get it?? NOTE FOR YOUR NOTES: Everything that you want is attainable….


Fundamental and basic sources of happiness, are what contribute the most to your character composition and overall being, wellness, togetherness of self.


This time we’re all in, teaching me more.  Slowness is a time to gather and incubate, plan and see and create.  It’s easy to fall into a pessimism pit.  But what if you directed that energy in an opposite direction.  What if you convinced yourself that you could fly above the obstacles, and through them,…

1A – 7PM

7-7:10pm:  End of semester… How are you? 7:10-7:30pm:  Update on your final essay…  What are the outside sources on your Works Cited Page? 7:30-7:50pm:  Help each other with supporting opinions/arguments. 7:50-8pm:  Close….  Final thoughts. ***LAST DAY TO SUBMIT FINAL ESSAY IS 12-26-20, 11:59PM.  AFTER THAT IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, FOR ANY REASON.