5-5:10:  What have you learned about yourself, recently? 5:10-5:35:  Knowing what you want to say IS the essay……. So, what do you want to say?  Where do you start?  What’s the word?  Then what? IDEA:  Start by talking to the reader of your paper….  Like, “Love is something that is inevitable.  Think of the people…


I believe in the encouragement of others, in their ambitions and aims, current projects and production…. Sharing ideas that in my heart of hearts I find helpful, as they helped me at some point. I don’t look to lead, I aim to elevate.

Something I need to say….

This whole thing is testing us, in a multitude and stormy assembly of ways. I’m quite convinced, though, that this elevates and decides character direction. Many of you in the 1B SRJC crews have written me talking about the dimensions of quarantine, the narrative it provides. The reality that you’re writing its realities and the…


Can Always Decide.

Life is sharing

ideas. And more important than your own, are the ones communicated by the scene, characters therein.