Something I need to say….

This whole thing is testing us, in a multitude and stormy assembly of ways. I’m quite convinced, though, that this elevates and decides character direction. Many of you in the 1B SRJC crews have written me talking about the dimensions of quarantine, the narrative it provides. The reality that you’re writing its realities and the voice incorporated into your narrative and immediate composition is HEALTHY. Yes, our physical health is paramount. Though, do note, mental health not only perpetrates in concert but speaks in helix-beat with the former’s read.

How long this will last I’d offer is not a concern. Keep writing, keep loving those in your present presence. That’s the aim… write everything. This is going to be a past one day of study. What did you do during the duration, during this “episode”? Please, 1B Family, remain ‘hornz OUT’, study this experience, note your character development and the story’s principle pulse. We will ALL be more alive after this. And even more life will beam if all’s put to page.

All My Love & RESPECT,


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  1. SamoneChrisman87 says:

    I appreciate you holding this space for us to write/think creatively and freely. Been a hell of a few weeks and I know I’ve needed the extra encouragement! Cheers Mikey!


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Always. Please enjoy your day and your writing. We’ll all be together soon. -Mike


  2. Nancy Aguirre says:

    Hey Mikey! I’m really bummed we AINT having class anytime soon! Regardless, I hope you and your family find yourselves in good health. Both physically and mentally! It’s very tough right now but your words of encouragement never fail to bring some light into my life.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Stay well, as well!!


  3. Kate Nunez says:

    If I’m being honest, I like learning digitally. Thinking it through, I’ve been worried to take online classes, but this experience makes me feel like I may be more open and comfortable in English classes done digitally. I feel nervous and always self-conscious being in this class. I used to feel that way before in my 1A class, but the teacher I had was amazing and slowly got me out of my she’ll. I like this class and am now feeling comfortable more and more in it, but I’m just not comfortable to speak just yet. However, I do have problems learning digitally because since this class was originally supposed to be in person, I was going to get my supplies through my high school because I do have problems financially so one of my librarians has been helping me get every book and find some way to access them. It’s the same thing with all my other classes, except a few because some had work mainly online. I don’t know what go entirely feel about this situation because it’s also caused me to not work and the money I earn i usually use to help my family and get my own things if I really have to if I can’t save it. I honestly hope to be able to go out soon just to walk. I liked walking to and from classes.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Just keep moving!!


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