Encourages composition. You’re in the chair. CREATE, PRODUCE…. since you’re there. Enjoy, …….. – #professormikey


your day. Whatever details and specifics you wish to include… Don’t paint a picture, transport readers INSIDE the visual.

1B – 1/22/20

The semester.  Where we are and what we’re doing. Writing. You and your story. Why should a reader read, care, emulate, what should they learn?                 Are you learning something new about your self and story in writing it? Hunter S. Thompson…. Sources?  Findings?  What is the deal with him?  How does he write?  What…

Get up earlier.

Start writing before anyone on your street or block, in your city, is moving. If not to write, then move. Closer to your There.


The purpose of tonight’s meeting is not only take a “closer look” at Sedaris’ work and get to know him and the essay form, better, and differently.  But, rather, to consider how our reading experience, how we as readers are impact by his words.  By his character.  His life and what he’s experienced.  His experiences…