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  1. Adriana Porter says:

    Jenny Lawson is an idealist, who always looks for the good in the bad. Her idealism isn’t a bad thing because she chooses to focus on kindness and compassion. I believe she wants to share her story and connect with her readers. She wants to spread the message that we are never alone, and she does that by writing about her own painful experiences to humanize her mental illnesses.

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    1. Allison Haney says:

      Hey Adriana! I’ve also observed this, how Jenny finds the good in the bad as she seems to enjoy the awkward and weird moments she has throughout her life. Makes her appear more real as she shows the more vulnerable parts of herself.

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  2. Trinity Merwin says:

    Jenny Lawson is someone who is very self aware. She recognizes her weaknesses and tries to use her strengths to the best of her ability. It seems to me that she wants others to learn from her experiences and in order to do this she is very open with her audience. It also seems as though some values that are very important to her are kindness, love, and equality. She wrote the book partially for herself, but mainly for her readers so that we can learn from what she has gone through and realize that we aren’t alone in some of the feelings that we have. I feel like that’s the main reason she talks so much about her mental illnesses; to make sure that people who might relate do not feel ashamed.

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    1. leylacraven says:

      I like the thought you had of Jenny writing the book for herself just as much as for her readers. It does seem that she takes quite a reflective journey through this book and that writing is a huge coping skill for her.

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  3. Brianna Steel says:

    Jenny Lawson is an author that writes about her struggles in life, both mental and physical. She is self-aware and someone who is not afraid to laugh at her mistakes. I believe that Jenny wrote her book both for herself and to share her experiences with others. I believe that she wants to let people know that they are not alone in their struggles and that it’s okay to not always be okay. She is consistently open with the reader about her life, her mental state, her physical illnesses and even her marriage.

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  4. Allison Haney says:

    Jenny Lawson is someone is is flawed and her depression reminds her of that as it lingers in the background. However, she has discovered herself in a new version- meaning she is embracing all the ADHD and anxiety and immune disorders that fiend in her body. She has discovered that she is more than that and wants to connect with everyone and live as someone who isn’t seen just for their disabilities but by her soul.

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  5. Rory Parsons says:

    Jenny Lawson is an example of someone who is willing to show her true self to the world. She admits her largest flaws to her audience and regularly tells stories that most of of would prefer to keep private, she does this because her writing is not about her. The writing is designed to help those who struggle like she does realize they are not alone and not as “weird” as they think they are. Her books seem like they play an important role in helping those who struggle with mental health.

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  6. azmathashmi says:

    Jenny Lawson is someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, has flaws just like the rest of us, but she isn’t afraid to talk about it. She tried to find happiness in small things. She embraces her life as it is and is hopeful that she will fell better one day. I am sure that writing must be very therapeutic for her, because she gets to put her thoughts and feelings into words. People who go through the same problems as Lawson must be very thrilled and hopeful to know that someone just like them is out there, who understand what they feel.

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  7. leylacraven says:

    Jenny Lawson is someone who is committed to telling her story for the purpose of helping others. She seems very friendly and approachable in her writing, and uses humor as a way to connect with her readers. She is a storyteller and philanthropist who wishes to communicate to others with struggles similar to hers. She wants her readers to relate to her and feel like they are not alone. She embraces both her strengths and her weaknesses and is not afraid to make jokes at her own expense if she feels like it will get her point across.

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  8. Jenny Lawson is realistic and flawed, but isn’t afraid to show the world who she truly is. A lot is to be learned from her and she creates an atmosphere where the reader can learn from her mistakes. Through her own struggles, she wishes to show the audience not to be afraid to make fun of your own weakness, because in reality, this reveals strength.

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  9. Ashiyana Gauchan says:

    Jenny Lawson is a journalist, a writer, and a blogger, who is hopeful and honest. She has her flaws like everyone else. She suffered from depression and anxiety, and she proudly owns it. She wants to inspire her readers to own our flaws. It is easy to ignore our flaws or problems, but accepting our flaws is hard. So, be happy, be proud and accept the good and bad parts of you.

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  10. jackmillerr says:

    Jenny Lawson is a person just like you and me who wants to feel good and be happy. This doesn’t sound like all that hard of a thing to do but her writing perfectly illustrates modern obstacles that many individuals have deterring them from happiness. Her writing is bold, not the style but the content and I would assume her personality is likewise. Digging deeper into this book it is just as much about her personal struggles and problems as it is about society as a whole even though she doesn’t come right out and say it. Jenny Lawson is a brilliant author of various sorts and any reader can learn a thing or two from her work.

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  11. austinehrlicher says:

    Jenny Lawson is someone who accepts her flaws and wants to show people that it is okay to accept them. She is a very real and transparent about her struggles in life and wishes to share those with as many people as possible to show that they are not alone. Accepting your struggles and flaws is an important part of mental health and a way to improve if your feeling alone. Jenny Lawson shows that it’s okay to make fun of some imperfections and embrace who you are

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  12. Grisha Driscoll says:

    Jenny Lawson is a fighter. Someone who despite her shortcomings and depressive states, continuously looks for ways to improve herself, to find “cure” in basic terms but really just to learn to live with herself and be happy with what she is. Her depression is something she constantly struggles with but yet here she is staying her ground continuing to move forward. She is an inspiration to all those in a similar struggle and should be recognized for being strong enough to stand above her fears and stand as a symbol to everyone, that you are not alone.

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  13. Miranda Rivas says:

    Jenny Lawson is vulnerable and honest. She wants her readers to know they are not alone and she does so by illustrating her most rememberable life experiences. In doing this she becomes relatable and her audience is able to connect with her on a deeper personal level. On another note, she craves happiness. She is a very self-aware individual as she acknowledges her flaws, yet accepts them as she knows they are something she simply can not change. Her struggles with depression and anxiety are two of the more prominent challenges she has faced throughout her life. Over the course of just her first few essays, one can already see the immense amount of self-growth she has gone through in becoming who she is today. Her ability to be vulnerable and touch on topics that hit so close to home for many is inspiring to say the least. She hopes to improve herself and from what I have read thus far that is exactly what she is doing.

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  14. Foxine Sutton says:

    Jenny Lawson is a complex individual who is interested in helping others by sharing her own personal struggles with the rest of the world.

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  15. cenamurphy says:

    Jenny Lawson is human. She is someone who has been able to open up her mental battles and life struggles to the world. She influences her readers to except their flaws and embrace them, giving them open honesty. She is hopeful for her future and everyone’s around her, and can proudly wear the scars of her past, because they taught her who she was. Her purpose is to help others through her writing.

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  16. jasonrholtz says:

    Lawson is an observer, someone who takes the time to truly examine life. She does this so that the act of living may come with greater ease. To realize that life for each of us is often awkward and painful is to accept our condition rather than run from it. She makes clear the hardship we all face but she illustrates this point only to strengthen our bonds with one another. By sharing her story and making connections to our commonality as struggling humans Jenny writes to embolden us all toward embracing life together.

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  17. Taylor Martindale says:

    Jenny Lawson is a witty woman who exploits her difficulties to benefit others. She is confident in who she is and does not hide it.

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  18. Emma Di Coio says:

    Jenny Lawson is a insightful author that know who she is and accepts herself despite all of her flaws. She is very self aware but looks at herself with understanding and patience. She writes out her struggles to help with other’s, saying that she’s here and has been through things as well. She shares her story, much like the other authors we have read, and puts out her thoughts into the world. Through storytelling, humans are able to form deeper connections and have more meaningful experiences with the ones close to us. Jenny Lawson is able to tell her story and show her readers how to welcome who we are and th eliges we lead.

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  19. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    Jenny Lawson is a woman who has battled through tough times in her life. Lawson has learned from her experiences and it has shaped her into the woman that she is today. Lawson always has a positive mindset and is also very caring towards others. Lawson is also great with coping difficult times and one of the ways she copes is with comedic storytelling. Her book is full of it and it really helps depict the type of person she is.

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  20. William Duffield says:

    Jenny Lawson has struggled her whole life, and through her writing allows for her struggles to be put into a positive light and allow for people to learn from her and understand her.

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  21. Itzel Hernandez says:

    Although Jenny Lawson would always talk about how weak she was and felt in reality she was brave and strong. Jenny is a brave soul who is allowing thousands and millions of strangers to take an insight into what is living in her shoes on a daily basis. All the struggles she has been put through not only with her illnesses but within herself.

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