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  1. Rory Parsons says:

    I am the kind of person who tries to be the best version of himself every day and encourages others to do the same. I am not perfect by an means, though I always put a strong effort into everything I do. Over time people have slowly begun to notice how I live my life and have decided to follow a similar route with theirs. While I have never forced my way of life onto anyone else, a few people with life experiences like my own have applied similar principles to their own life. Noticing the small impact I have on others has been incredibly rewarding an motivating. I certainly cannot offer the world perfection, though I can offer someone who will try his best and encourage those around him to as well.

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  2. Emma Di Coio says:

    I am a person who is still growing and learning and I think I have to give myself more credit sometimes. I think that I still have a lot to learn about myself and others as well as the world around me. Personally, I feel I put a lot of effort into the things I do and am proud when I feel I have done a good job, I tend to think however, that I should have done better. I would describe my character as kind and reserved. I tend to be quiet around people when I first meet them, and more talkative when I get more comfortable around them. I like to think that I have gained more confidence over the years in myself and my decisions. I’m not entirely sure yet what I offer, but I do know that as I work on myself and growing, I’ll have a better idea of where I want to go and what I want to do.

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  3. Adriana Porter says:

    I don’t think there is a singular answer to who I am today. Maybe I just don’t know myself as well as I’d like to yet, because I always found describing myself somewhat difficult. I’m more of an introvert, but I value my connections with other people. I like having alone time, but I hate being lonely. I prefer to listen to other people’s stories rather than talk about myself. Mostly, I define my character based on my connections and interactions with other people. How do my actions and morals affect those around me? My character is of a person who holds integrity and compassion to a very high standard. I might not always be the person I strive to be, but I try my hardest to get there.

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  4. Alize Marsh says:

    Today I am someone who when I look back to the past me i wouldn’t picture where I am today. Today I am in a better place ,better person and happy with where I’m at. In the past I went through things that put me in a dark place and I had to show everyone a persona that I wasn’t. Today I am a better version of myself.

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  5. Leyla Craven says:

    To the world at large I am just a tiny imperceptible percentage of the large population of college students in the country, spending countless hours studying, reading, writing, making art, and staring at a screen, trying to accumulate enough credits and good marks to reach what I desperately want for my future. I feel as if in our current society our life is split into three main phases; learning, doing, and resting. You spend the first quarter of your life in school so you can spend the second and third quarter of it proving your worthiness through your work and your impact on others, trying to reach the alluring resting stage, which happens when you are old and tired and satisfied. When I feel invisible and insignificant spending my days alone inside facing assignment after assignment, I remember that so many of us are in this learning stage and I should embrace it for all that its worth. I have always loved school, studying (at least the subjects that I’m good at) has felt like an escape from my troublesome personal life at times. I try to learn as much as possible and fall in love with new subjects recognizing that my education is a privilege and I shouldn’t take any of it for granted, as frustrated as school can often make me. To the world I am just another college student working a minimum wage job; it is up to myself to make my current life feel fulfilling and purposeful.

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    1. jackmillerr says:

      Very well said! It’s a shame though that this period of rest has to come so late in life for so many people who work really hard. Keep up the good work and best wishes.

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  6. Adena Moses says:

    Today I was a care free and loving character. I was not worried about what people thought of me as much today, but just let what felt right guide my day. At work we had a few new people and we are very big on inclusivity, so instead of being shy like usual, I invited them to conversations and was relaxed. I definitely felt more light and cheerful, this did not just affect me after work but also the customers I interacted with. I was able to maintain nice conversations and had many laughs with costumers throughout the day.

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  7. Today I am someone who is still growing and learning in every aspect of life. However, I am someone who no matter what situation will give one hundred percent effort into anything I do wether it’s achieving my goals or trying to get a good grade on a test. I feel like today I am someone who is working towards my goals and am very focused and determined to achieving them. Although right now I don’t think I have to much to offer people other than effort, I hope one day I can be an example for other people like me who are trying to achieve the same goals

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  8. Today I am the person who accomplishes small tasks that will hopefully lead up to a bigger task to accomplish. The person constantly looking to work hard and have fun doing it.

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  9. Jared Foreman says:

    Today, I am the person that wants to create change within my life. Today I woke up motivated to complete, and do. I want to create the best version of myself whether It be on the job, completing my homework, or detailing cars, I don’t want one day of my life that isn’t spent working up.

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  10. Taylor Martindale says:

    I would define myself as a loving and caring person. I’m motivated to find who I want to be in my life while taking care of my loved ones. I often feel lost since the pandemic, but I’m hoping that I can find some clarity soon.

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  11. Brianna Steel says:

    I am a caring person and I will drop everything to help the people in my life, even strangers. I am not someone who will allow people to take advantage of me though. I used to be someone who couldn’t stick up for myself. I’ve learned in life that I’m not going to be able to please everyone and that’s okay. I live off of spite. I’ve been told I can’t do stuff and that only makes me more determined. I can do whatever I want. I am independent and patient but despite all this, I’m not perfect. I’ve got a lot of things going on in my life and as soon as I tell people about it, they look at me like I’m broken. I am but that’s not the character I am here to play. I wanna make a difference in the world not be a hindrance.

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    1. Allison Haney says:

      You remind me a lot of myself, very inspiring to read. ❤


  12. Allison Haney says:

    I enjoyed this question. Today I am true, today I am caring and today and I’m loved. Today I am happy and loving. Today I am successful and using the full potential of my drive to achieve anything. Today I am respectful and respected by my peers. I love each day to the fullest because there won’t be another day exactly like it. Today I’m grateful for my frustration because it teaches me patience. Everyday I am who I will become and I will work to become her.

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  13. Grisha Driscoll says:

    I am tired. Today, yesterday, just the last week in general hasn’t been great. I’ve been able to scoot by with little blips of happiness here and there, hopping between them like monkey bars hoping I don’t slip into the dark and endless unknown below. A bottomless void of nothing yet everything. I think I’ve done a pretty good job at staying positive but I can feel myself wearing down a little bit every day, even came close to crying the other night but got distracted by a sudden case of the munchies. The holidays are supposed to be filled with joy and merriment but here I am wondering if my friends all hate me or if I just need to go back to sleep.

    In most sorts of cliches I would the “Funny Guy”, the dude who always cracks jokes but always seems alone at the end of the day. Not the main character, not the buddying side-kick, I mean shit not even the love interest. Do you know what it’s like to not feel like the main character of your own life? It’s beyond maddening and crushes pretty much any and all motivation you have into a little bead of irrelevance then flushes it down the toilet. I’m just a side character who just happens to interact with people whose lives are more interesting or more important.

    Tomorrow might be different just as much as it might remain the same. In a world where my emotions and motivations shape the outcomes of fate God, or whatever higher beings are watching, seems to enjoy throwing me curveballs every once in a while.

    I’ll be fine and perhaps I’m just a tad dramatic but I’ve honestly earned the right to be so at this point. Is it so wrong to want to feel special? To be desired?

    I’m hungry and should probably stop rambling now…

    Just remembered I get paid Friday, guess there are some things to look forward to.

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  14. Tommy Koreen says:

    Today, I am a very easy going person but I care about what other people think of me. I probably care too much. I use humor and like being made to laugh. I’m still a work in progress and I’m working on becoming a better person.

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  15. Miranda Rivas says:

    Today I am selfless. I find myself taking care of others more than I do myself. I put “me” on the backburner while I try to balance and maintain the happiness and relationships of the people I surround myself with. I am never asked about myself always others. Does this mean people simply do not care about me? Or does this mean that I have spent so much time worrying about others that no one has anything to ask ME about? I feel lost and exhausted as I have lost sight of who I am. My authenticity is slowly being stripped away from me and I am not sure how to gain it back. I say this yet I know I can not change how my brain is wired when it comes to the people I love. I will always put them first, always. So, how do I fix this… how do I fix myself?

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  16. jackmillerr says:

    Today is a good day, at least that’s what I tell myself. I finished the majority of my assignments early, one of my buddies is coming home from college for a couple days, and I got a good return on my investment in the stock market today. I am looking forward to the fact that I only have to work Friday and Saturday this weekend which leaves me a little time on Sunday to spend outdoors. However glooming in the back of my mind is that fact that I failed my most recent midterm and will most likely have to repeat Math1A. This will set me back in my education plan and could possibly defer my transfer to a UC or CSU. I am not pleased about this but it is entirely my fault and I take ownership of my actions. Regardless I would dare say I am happy in this very moment but it is not the kind of happiness that sticks around. Come tomorrow and the next day I know there will be new doubts, fears, and problems in the back of my mind that I will have to work through. But such is life and nothing positive comes from an idle mind, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

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  17. Trinity Merwin says:

    Today I am the type of person who is trying to keep a positive outlook and stay hopeful. Recently I have heard some difficult news that changes a lot of the plans I had set for the future, but I am doing my best to not let this news discourage me and trust that everything will turn out how it is supposed to. I want to stay positive, not only for myself, but for those around me as well. There are people all around me who have it much worse than me so I want to be thankful for all that I have and be a positive, helpful outlet for those who need it. If I let set backs bring me down then I will not be able to be the type of person that I strive to be; someone who is helpful, caring, and easy to talk to.

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  18. William Duffield says:

    Today I am the type of person who is pondering what I am going to do with my life, trying to get a feel for myself and the world around me, while figuring out a path for me.

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  19. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    I would say that the person I am today has been created by the events and other people in my life. I would say that I am caring and friendly in my day to day interactions while also staying vigilant. I like to have fun and hang out with people because making other people feel happy also makes me feel happy. That is the type of person I am today.

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  20. gina nguyen says:

    Today I am a person who’s feeling extra grateful about every little thing. Last night I was in a car accident and thankfully there were no major injuries in both parties, but it really made me more aware of how short life can be. I woke up today feeling grateful for my family and friends that are always supporting me.

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  21. Azmat Hashmi says:

    Today I am.. not sure what I feel like. Sometimes I think I’m starting to become this person that I want to be, someone who’s committed to become better, someone who is willing to try harder. But at other times I feel like I have not improved at all, that I’m still stuck at square one. I get this feeling a lot, maybe because I tell myself that I’m trying my best but I’m actually not. I want to change myself but then I also don’t try. I wish I didn’t feel like this. Commiting to becoming a better person is hard, but I always tell myself that I still have tomorrow, and that I can always try again.

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  22. Ashiyana Gauchan says:

    Today, I am the same person that I was yesterday or the day before that. I am working the same job everyday that I know what to do and what to expect. The only thing I don’t know is how busy we are going to be today. Despite this, today, I am someone who is looking forward to meeting new costumers. I am someone who is feeling happy and positive about todays day.

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  23. Emily Zamora says:

    Today I am appreciative of all the good things that have come my way and the people I am surrounded by. I recently heard some bad news about a loved one so I am trying my best to distract myself and just be happy even through rough times. I have gotten to the mindset that life is too short to live with regrets so I like to experiment and try out new things.

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  24. Foxine Sutton says:

    I am still trying to figure out who I am. I’ve learned more about myself in the past few years than I have learned all the years of my life before that. My character is still a work in progress. Who I am now isn’t quite who I envision myself being in the future. I’m working on all that and enjoying the journey. I’ve always been introverted and sensitive. And up until recently I considered these qualities weaknesses. Now I see them as some of my greatest strengths. I stay curious about life and the world. I love to learn, often finding the most joy from the smallest things or moments. When I was a little girl I believed that love could conquer all. I was a dreamer. Something happened along the way and my view became more cynical, jaded. I am learning how to reconnect with that little girl inside of me because I’m pretty sure she had the right idea. As I learn from her, at the same time I am teaching her something she never learned, how to love herself.

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  25. Marcos Espinoza says:

    Today I suppose I was a bit tired and rude to some of the people around me which I did not enjoy. I believe it was just due to the environment and overall lack of sleep I had overnight. Overall I have a try to improve my character and who I am fundamentally for the better since I am usually a patient person that loves to hear about peoples stories and whatever else they would like to discuss but I wasn’t able to put up with some of the things that happened which made me feel as if I wasn’t myself. Overall I would like to make tomorrow a better day and that will be my goal.

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  26. cenamurphy says:

    Today I am not the same person I was yesterday. Each day I learn something new, and grow and develop into, eventually, someone who is happy, confident, and successful. As of now I have yet to get their, but that is what life is all about. All the experience’s and the “shitty” things that happen to us all have an underlaying message or lesson, we just have to take a step away to see what the world was trying to teach us. Today I am simply a human, one with a different viewpoint than everyone else, one who has experienced entirely different things than everyone else. I still have a lot of figuring out to do, I do not know quite yet who I truly am, but day by day that is what I am trying to find.

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  27. jasonrholtz says:

    Today I am somebody who is struggling, able to handle what needs to be done but not with ease. I walk around with a face of certainty while carrying a burden of unease. Today is the process of taking one step in a path recently set, one step that will lead to endless more. I can only focus on what I do today and while I know this to be true the magnitude of days to come still fills me up.

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  28. Adena Moses says:

    Today I am the kind of person who will go out of their way to make someone’s day, unburden their shoulders, and bring smiles to peoples faces. I try to do more everyday; yesterday I would smile at people, but today I asked how peoples days are or asked how they were and complimented them.

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