Where you be. What you do.

There will be no blocks.

There will be no obstructions or impediments. There will only be a forward, progression and creative advance. Blocks are accepted before they can be effective. You are present, you are more than capable and you are fortunate to realize that you have the opportunity to create, make something where you are, of who and what…

Aim for

COMPOSITION. Never control.

Everything is a

paragraph, an essay, your story to be written. See it that way and get to your There more melodically. Everything is a song. Your days and scenes are music.

You are your

most adept and set educator. Quiet, time to self, only begets this.

For tonight…

Bring something to as much life as you can, with ONE page in your journal. I’m not going to say “appeal to senses”, as there are other ways to put life into your writing. But, do it however you want. Doesn’t have to be something you love or hate, just bring IT to life. Make…


Where you sit, what you’re not doing, is a teller. Of intention, of habit, cause, being, sight and decision.

1A – 11/14/19

Destiny Thief – His words. Your words. Now, your story. What do you want people to learn. What do you want to learn in writing it? Why write it? Composition in your character and in your composition…. Malala – Pain. Experience. Education. Struggle. Family. Next week…. Let’s find something. In the book, in our writing,…