When you let your mind wander,

you find gems, bridges, new doors and windows open. New stages, sight, music. Don’t think you always have to have specificity in your thoughts.


Where you sit, what you’re not doing, is a teller. Of intention, of habit, cause, being, sight and decision.

1A – 11/14/19

Destiny Thief – His words. Your words. Now, your story. What do you want people to learn. What do you want to learn in writing it? Why write it? Composition in your character and in your composition…. Malala – Pain. Experience. Education. Struggle. Family. Next week…. Let’s find something. In the book, in our writing,…

Everything can

be written. And your page-set meditations will show and disclose what you need know.


Prove to your SELF that your story has a significance of which you were unaware.