11:28 note

Pressuring self does little but make you realize what you’re not doing. Elevating self to SELF – a different matter. Keep the inward words joyous and forwarding.   You’ll more delight in and enjoy the result. 5/14/21

Sorry Story Different

The only reason Why are you doing Something that sinks you There is no reason Untie anchor Hop in adhoc lots


5-5:10:  What have you learned about yourself, recently? 5:10-5:35:  Knowing what you want to say IS the essay……. So, what do you want to say?  Where do you start?  What’s the word?  Then what? IDEA:  Start by talking to the reader of your paper….  Like, “Love is something that is inevitable.  Think of the people…


Quite lazy, my own mentality made me Synapses, place where the blade be Punctuation fluctuation, no holds on my mold My circulation in a place between hellish and cold Begin more organizing, sort by sizing Dependent on weather how mood is synthesizing A new current deciding – nothing new just a rewrite resume Door key…

ENGLISH 5 – 4/21/21, Wednesday

5-5:10:  Ideas you had today…. Ideas that made you stop and think more about hat idea.. 5:10-5:30:  You idea for the semester….  Where are you with it?  Some ideas of what you want to build…. 5:30-5:50:  Build an idea now around this question – “Does Sedaris provoke more questions or answers? OTP:  Questions offer more…


Bouncing from project to project isn’t bad. When you let your bounce go out, is. Keep BOUNCING.

Class hasn’t even started…

And he’s already wanting to interrupt, cause trouble, get my attention, just do what he does… And he’s good at it. ❤️