When stress grips you, let go… write the feeling of letting go.  The definition and picture of that detachment.  Stress is not a being, it’s imagined, conceptual.  You and your strength, your ability to write your way through and out of it IS real.


Writing your way through challenging scenes is what defines your written dimension. Hope you intersect with such times, REPEATEDLY.


Writing in a new location is like exchanging minds with yourself, I’ve found.  It’s a restart, a renewal… starting a new story yes but becoming a new diarist, new writer, new thinker and human.  This brick wall to my left, the view out this first floor window right in front of me.  One tree in…


Writing isn’t always the travel – the Road, or flight. Many times it’s being in the shop, repairing the vehicle.


Everything around you is a lesson and statement.  It’s material.  There’s no excuse to not write, if you want to.  The plainness is poetry, and the otherwise dismissible has definite dimension. Stop looking when you don’t need to.  Not that you’ve found something, but your ideas and topics and written directions have already found YOU.


On collection, mental health, self…


Everything around you has value, everything around you instructs.  Yes, you have to choose to see it that way, but it’s for years been something I’ve believed. Where are you right now, what are you doing?  What is your Now teaching you?  It’s easy to dismiss this idea, but that’s a choice. Try looking further…