Happiness and your day-to-day the way you’d like to arrange, can all be written. Start writing, enjoy the drafting process…. Scribble over, erase, and keep writing. Keep the drafting its own constant composition.


Stay set, amplified and highly decided, even at EOD …


Nay-saying harpies are empty-headed echos that never find their ground.

Seeing that people love judgement.

And we need that judgement.  That self-anointing tone assumed.  Let it propel you.  You know your page sequence and narrative light and architecture.  Consider what others say, and that’s it.  I’m not insisting you dismiss it, just bench. Life of late odd days is a riled instructional funnel.  With an emboldening and encouraging nudge of…


There are obstacles. There is opportunity. Often, they are the same.

See only….

Don’t just judge situations as good or bad, light or dark, up or down…. all dualities and what comprises them compose opportunity. ELEVATION. Both dark times, and when you’re in perceived light, are elevating. See opportunity, see a climb, see more reason to love the Now.