Note to self, that I NEED share with YOU…..

Stop thinking about WHAT to write.  Just write… if anything, or nothing, where you are and what you’re doing…

ME, now… in home office, ‘cause I have to be at home, office-ing, and can’t work at a café or co-work space..

Write where you are, what you’re thinking in that spot, what you think of the spot… write about you, not as you, in that spot.

Me….. trying to work but tempted to be lazy, in this home office.  Who would ever want a home office.  You should have a home, then an office.

The people around you, what they’re talking about on the phone…  Zoom is the topic, on a Zoom call.  Virtually virtual, talking about the virtual.  I laugh and have to write it down.

Don’t.  Think.  When.  You. Write.

Don’t think at all.  Just move the pen, type, whatever you favorite blade.

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