Sorry Story Different

The only reason Why are you doing Something that sinks you There is no reason Untie anchor Hop in adhoc lots

ENGLISH 5 – 5/3/21, Monday

5-5:10:  How are you feeling, now that the semester is over?  Plans for Summer? 5:10-5:40:  Sedaris…. -Your opinion. -What he showed you. -How you connected with him. -Are you going to read other works of his?  Why or why not? -Again, considering out semester’s dominant idea or theme of Truth, how is Sedairs’ truth-telling different…


Quite lazy, my own mentality made me Synapses, place where the blade be Punctuation fluctuation, no holds on my mold My circulation in a place between hellish and cold Begin more organizing, sort by sizing Dependent on weather how mood is synthesizing A new current deciding – nothing new just a rewrite resume Door key…


Reality draws over itself. The interpretation says so. Twin walls.


Seeing something this morning. In the words. The kids. The pictures. Past jobs. Time and how I use it, when we talk to each other.


Realizing you and what you let through…