Stay set, amplified and highly decided, even at EOD …

See only….

Don’t just judge situations as good or bad, light or dark, up or down…. all dualities and what comprises them compose opportunity. ELEVATION. Both dark times, and when you’re in perceived light, are elevating. See opportunity, see a climb, see more reason to love the Now.


Self And everyone


Phone No Love the self The immediate identity All quirks and oddities copied Loved and adored and studied Replicated them Proliferate and situate in them Know the love in core of your newest Now Something for you And only you Fondness of cosmic altitude Flying, sounding, skies and clouds Streets and tables by cafés Reasoning…

Some people will

want you to feel bad and guilty and less for doing something that brings you joy. Their desire to do so annunciates your joy. You just have to see so… when you do, you meet higher atmosphere and collective of character.