The story compiles and shifts and composes new directed directions.

Sorry Story Different

The only reason Why are you doing Something that sinks you There is no reason Untie anchor Hop in adhoc lots

ENGLISH 5 – 5/3/21, Monday

5-5:10:  How are you feeling, now that the semester is over?  Plans for Summer? 5:10-5:40:  Sedaris…. -Your opinion. -What he showed you. -How you connected with him. -Are you going to read other works of his?  Why or why not? -Again, considering out semester’s dominant idea or theme of Truth, how is Sedairs’ truth-telling different…


Quite lazy, my own mentality made me Synapses, place where the blade be Punctuation fluctuation, no holds on my mold My circulation in a place between hellish and cold Begin more organizing, sort by sizing Dependent on weather how mood is synthesizing A new current deciding – nothing new just a rewrite resume Door key…


Reality draws over itself. The interpretation says so. Twin walls.


Seeing something this morning. In the words. The kids. The pictures. Past jobs. Time and how I use it, when we talk to each other.