When you think excessively,

you start to notice your excess thinking, then thinking about it, and nothing is accomplished. Challenge: Just produce, and don’t think. ABOUT ANYTHING.

English 1B, Wednesday 4/29/20

6-6:10pm.  How are you?  What have you been writing? 6:10-6:20pm:  How’d the papers go?  What are some of the strengths?  Points for improvement, later? 6:20-6:45pm:  Starting to write our stories.  What do you have so far? 6:45-7pm:  The next author….  Samantha Irby.  What did you find?  How do think she’ll be similar, different, from our…

Get up earlier.

Start writing before anyone on your street or block, in your city, is moving. If not to write, then move. Closer to your There.


Words A Storm