When you sit down to write, and you think about what to write, you invite this block that you always talk about.  The one you tell people about rather than reading what you were feeling in the chair.  What you want, what you see for yourself, what you’re feeling right there in the chair… that can be written, incorporated into what you are writing, what you need to write, or just to write… love of your own words.  That’s what you need to learn more and practice with a growling loyalty.  Stop thinking, start scribbling.  Or madly typing… writing is for freedom, not motion absence.  If you’re blocked, you’re the blocker.

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  1. Débora Vitaliano says:

    wow I loooooove this! It is so true and I am so glad that now I came to the same realization. Thank you so much for sharing Mike! But more than sharing, for teaching me and showing a different perspective of writing! Always gonna be thankful for that!

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