Field, needing be capitalized as it’s its own concept and reality—what you see and the intersections of lives and intentions, apprehensions and certain ascensions.  It’s a collective, a singularity.  The Field isn’t just “the field”.  It’s material, a forward, a climate and ocean of reflection and character development.  For everyone.  You need be open to the observations, though, and their instructional qualities.

You have an aim.  Know it’s attainable.  That it revolves and provokes, encourages from distances nearer than you reckon.  Don’t let a goal continue to exist.  Use the Field around you, the Field is a magnet for You, for the pages you write and will write.  This paragraph, not the one you read but the one you’re living right now, what specifics around you breathe and extend, self-actualize, need be kept and allowed into your composition.  Character composition entails aims but is not depend upon them for definition and motion forward.  Each paragraph you live, is mammoth in promise, know that.  Goals should always be substituted with advancement, the character moving forward, doing something not particularly convinced that the result adds to anything.  Just to keep moving, to keep self in steps toward the intersection of terroir, the Field, and sky.

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