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  1. Skyler T Herring says:

    I didn’t know if you really wanted replies to these couple of questions, but I can always see a very descriptive area and place I go to when I have a conversation with myself, also the only thing I’m really looking for is an understanding or getting to a conclusion. The vision I have when I have a conversation with myself is this circle of perfect black square rocks at differing degrees of height, and its always gloomy and drizzling in the vision and I just have copies of myself on these rocks all with different opinions and all trying to male each other agree with one another though it seems chaotic way of organizing things it helps me most. thanks for the questions and sorry if you didn’t want a reply just really like the question.


  2. SamoneChrisman87 says:

    Am I safe? ‘Cause I feel broken.
    Feelings are all confused.
    This wasn’t the life I had envisioned.
    Feeling like a recluse.
    Warmth and safety,
    All I have ever craved.
    Flash backs and images,
    Burned in to my brain.
    Fear and anguish,
    Both things I can touch.
    Feelings of discomfort,
    Becoming too much.
    I change positions,
    Shift and adjust.
    Seeking inner peace,
    Before I combust.
    My fear knows, no bounds.
    Depression in my gut.
    Knowing deep in my heart,
    I’ll pull out of this rut.
    Hoping the anxiety and fear,
    Will soon let me up.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Love and #pozvibez to you!!!


  3. Kate Nunez says:

    Whenever I converse with myself, I don’t really know what to say or think about. I usually speak to myself about different matters, my opinions, etc. Sometimes, I’ll think about something and tell myself how that idea is bad to even think about or judge or anything and then I end up learning to be more accepting of others and myself. To love more and judge less and to forgive the past but not forget, that’s what kind of ends up happening sometimes when talking with myself. In reality, that’s kind of all I want from myself. I talk to myself do that in the future I change in a way that makes me feel better or others better. But unfortunately, my laziness always gets me and so I argue with myself about whether or not I even really want to change or do better. But luckily, I end up changing slightly. I want to change a lot, but my laziness gets in the way so then I do small bits to change. An example is being in French class. I’m really open in that class. I still feel vulnerable and awkward in this class, but at least I’m comfortable now that I don’t feel like I’m going to get as nervous as before if I speak and even have raised my hand more (although I do get overshadowed by everyone else, at least I raised it haha. Please don’t call on me though). Anyways… this is a long rant, but yea.


    1. mikemadigan says:

      Thanks for sharing!!


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