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  1. Letter to David Sedaris

    David… your writing is hilarious my friend and it brings me back to my childhood when things did not matter so much and I was carefree. When I listen to your audiobook I am glad I get to hear your voice as strange as it sounds because I understand what you’re writing even more! I hope my classmates decide to purchase it because your work is much funnier coming from your voice and your humor through the speaker. One thing I can say that Ive learned listening to your audiobook is when you lost your computer with your diary was typed in. You did not care so much about the laptop itself but that your missing chapters of your life as if they never happened. When I listened to that part of your book it made me think…. What the hell! Have I been doing? I will never get to relive today or tomorrow after it happens. Why I haven’t I been writing. Not because it might become a great book like yours but maybe when I’m older I can find myself at a point when I was young at 25 and relive what I was thinking at that point or what mattered to me or anything. I also like that your brutally honest. You said that you use to do meth and that was one issue a lot of people would be ashamed to tell another but you weren’t and you said in the book that you stopped because you were not a good writer your writing was all over the place. I think that was brave. Glad I got to listen to this unique material..

    Victor Verdugo


    1. mikemadigan says:

      A little late, but okay..


      1. I sent it to you in an email weeks ago.

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      2. mikemadigan says:

        I know. The post is what I said was late.

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      3. I got confused. I thought we were suppose to email it to you but now I know we were suppose to put it on the blog.

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      4. mikemadigan says:

        All good… please just focus on tonight’s meeting.

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      5. on September 18


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