1A – 5PM

5-5:10pm:  Introductions, current work and ideas…

5:10-5:35pm:  Irby…. What’s your direction?  What outside source did you find?  Anybody go on YouTube and see one of her interviews?

5:35-5:50:  Your writings about YOU… your stories.  They are yours, and you should look further into them, for a number of reasons.  When someone asks for a story from your life, where’s the first place you go?  What’s the first moment you think of?

5:50-6pm:  Close….  What’s on your page for the night?


ASSIGNMENT:  Irby essay.

That’s it.  I want all your focus to be on this paper.  My hope is that you will make it yours.  While still keeping it professional, you will ensure it’s personal and that you own your writing and the ideas you convey.  The more you focus on structure and that it’s an assignment, the more harm you’re doing to your paragraphs.  Write from your ides, your opinion… the support you provide is in the strength of your written voice, demonstrating that not only you read her work, but have a formed and framed position on it.


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  1. mikemadigan says:

    Another….. study your scenes. All rooms, people, temperatures and colors. There are pages, EVERYWHERE.


  2. Gianina Mencarini says:

    When people ask me about my story I go straight into my family and about myself. I’m the youngest of three, I’m a twin, I grew up comfortable and in a very loving and happy family. I’m a perfectionist that controlls my life in every aspect. I’m just a teenager that has no idea what path she’s going to take in life.

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      Start writing, Nina!!!!

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    2. Gianina Mencarini says:

      For a story I go straight to my family vacations that have built my memories of my childhood. How lucky we got to go to the same place multiple of times with the prettiest of views and with no worries in the world except for if we wanted to go to the beach or go to the pool

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  3. Débora Vitaliano says:

    For tonight page: everything that happened to you helped you get where you are now and explains why the way you are. Reading about Irby’s childhood for instance, shows so much about her personality now, the way she faces life. Her identity.

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  4. mikemadigan says:

    ANOTHER….. There is so much literary value in love, humor, and happiness. If you’re in a happy place, that makes you love and laugh, show us how you got there. TEACH US.

    You are ALL teachers.

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  5. finn ransome says:

    if there were to be a certain story that comes to mind for me. It has to be the time I almost got my eye taken out. this happened back when i was 4 or 5, and the basic story was as followed. Me and my twin brother at the time, were playing with two mini American flag poles the next thing I noticed my brother accidentally swiped too close to me and took a piece of flesh from the bottom of my left eyebrow. I had to go to the hospital and have surgery to see if it damaged my eye. I can say that i was very lucky to have no damage to my eye and that all I suffered was a lifetime vertical scar on the end of my left eyebrow. I can’t say that this really progressed me as a person just that this is a story I have told so many people and one that has been often brung up year after year with me and my family.

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  6. on my page for tonight.. I wrote LISTEN. listen to the writer. listen to the speaker in front of you. simply just listen. I dont always need to have an answer.

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  7. mikemadigan says:

    For the Irby writing….. DO NOT OVERTHINK. And, LOVE what you’re writing about. If you’re not enjoying you’re writing, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. So… spend the time in the chair, write in your journals… play with ideas. Misery is optional, and it’s option I’d avoid the f/ck out of if I were you.

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    1. Débora Vitaliano says:

      “Misery is optional” love that!

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  8. mikemadigan says:

    Enjoy your writing, everyone!!! May be a zoom meeting on Thursday!!! ENJOY YOUR WRITING!!!!!!!!! Don’t think, just write. Write truthful and from passion, elevated interest. You’ll do great!!! Enjoy your night, find as much happiness and humor as you can!! PEACE.

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  9. finn ransome says:

    I will try to hold that message of misery to heart it’s hard to feel like it is not inevitable at this point…

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  10. Aiden Seifert says:

    For tonight’s page I made it a priority to add at least three ideas I would actually want to use and I think I achieved that goal with six. I also really want to slow down the pace of my writing because I feel like I go to fast on some topics and I notice it in other places I write.

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  11. Débora Vitaliano says:

    Have a great evening guys 🙂 and stay safe

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