1A – 7PM

7-7:10pm:  Intro

7:10-7:35pm:  Let’s try some simple, eased, Human conversation tonight..  What do you want from YOUR life?  Explain….

7:35-7:50pm:  How will you reach what you want to realize?

7:50-7:55pm:  Did you get Tom Foreman’s book??  Have you started reading?  Have you researched him at all?  Googled him at the very least?

7:55-8:05pm:  Close……

ASSIGNMENT:  Read the first 4 chapters of My Year of Running Dangerously (Tom Foreman).  Email me your thoughts.

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  1. mikemadigan says:

    What a week… one that empowered me. ‘Cause I chose to see it that way. Make it that way. Everything is a decision and a shape of thinking. From one student to another, the complaining and grievances, no matter how legitimate, bring only more exhaustion and distance you further from your aims, what you want to experience.

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  2. mikemadigan says:

    Who has the book?? Do some quick YouTube research… what do you find?

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  3. beysaira abundiz says:

    I will reach what I want by living every day and writing what on my mind!

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  4. claudia alvarez says:

    Yes I have gotten the book. Before getting a book I usually always research the author.

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  5. Quince Wu says:

    Yes I have the book.

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      Done any research?


      1. Quince Wu says:

        No I did not, but I will!!!

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  6. mikemadigan says:

    I will tell you this… Mr. Foreman is an easing, calm read… even in communicating with him, there is no aggression, only invitation. Really hope I can get him in class.. He asked what I teach, so…..

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  7. mikemadigan says:

    You’re all so quiet…. If someone posts 100 words on what they expect from Tom Foreman, I will award you a shit-ton of credit. But has to be in the next 10 minutes..

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  8. I have the book, and I found out that running for helps him and his family come together, he bonds with his daughter this way.

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  9. ethonn says:

    I ordered the book on Tuesday but haven’t gotten it yet. I looked him up a little bit on google, but more of the book. So whatever is coming, I don’t know what to expect.


  10. aalexvillanueva94 says:

    I googled Tom Foreman and I saw that he is a CNN journalist I watch an interview with him on CNN where he was out running I’m talking about his new book at the time which is the one we’re going to read. He said a quote that I really liked which kind of goes back to what I was saying about how I will reach my goals he says justTake the next step in the next one until you reach your goals

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  11. Just watched a youtube video on Tom, from what I am getting he wants us to value time, family and relationships. He speaks about change and how all that effects the time we have. I am actually really wanting to read more on him now. These are things that I want to learn more about, juggling family as time goes on and your own pathway in the life you live. He seems like a really friendly man who is very family oriented. I mean he has to be right? He really did all of this for his daughter, and well himself too.


  12. beysaira abundiz says:

    I brought the book already but I haven’t started reading it yet I did a researcher and it says Tom Foreman is an American broadcast journalist for CNN

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  13. mikemadigan says:

    Have a great night y’all!!! Enjoy the reading, and note everything in your journal… all observations and feelings. There is a lot to this book, even if you don’t run or like running… Thanks for being here!!

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  14. kaylinromo says:

    In all honestly I don’t really know what to expect from Mr. Foreman. I was actually pretty surprised with what the book was about as I have never read a book similar to his. Not in the writing or style but more on the fact that it is about a middle aged man deciding to run marathons. Not something I think I would pick for myself but then again, I felt the same about Sedaris and Irby and ended up enjoying them, so I’m hoping I will have the same reaction to foreman. But non the less, I’m staying open minded and im eager to see what this book is all about!

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  15. From the research that I have done, he seems like a family man. His family runs as a bonding experience instead of sitting on the couch. I expect of him many stories of how running has changed him, things that he may have learned while running. If this is correct, he ran in college, and thats how he met his wife. He said that if it wasnt for running he would not have met his wife and his life wouldnt be what it is toady. I believe he has many life lessons that he has learned. In an interview they said that he is funny, hopefully he is, coming from sams book.

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  16. kaylinromo says:

    Good night everyone, take care!


  17. beysaira abundiz says:



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