The purpose of tonight’s meeting is not only take a “closer look” at Sedaris’ work and get to know him and the essay form, better, and differently.  But, rather, to consider how our reading experience, how we as readers are impact by his words.  By his character.  His life and what he’s experienced.  His experiences are now ours, in our Now, and we as readers, the ones with true say in the transaction between writer and reader, can determine meaning, intention, purpose.

The essay is a form.  Are there rules to form?  Or, are the rules only perceived, and dare one say, IMAGINED.


–Sedaris, Tone and Structure.

–Not just going piece by piece, but voicing observations then reacting, building discussion from there.

–Paragraphs, what paragraphs should do.  What Sedaris’ do for the standalone piece.

–People in his stories, reliability of the narrator.

–How reading experience is expected.

–Experiences and time and valuing YOUR time and experiences enough to write about them.

–Education in his sentences, essays.  What does he want us to learn?  What does Mr. Sedaris want us to appreciate about life and what we experience?

–Dreams, Time, and now what….

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