English 1B, Monday 4/27/20

6-6:10pm.  How are you?  What have you been writing?

6:10-6:20pm:  How’d the papers go?  What are some of the strengths?  Points for improvement, later?

6:20-6:45pm:  Starting to write our stories.  What do you have so far?

6:45-7pm:  The next author….  Samantha Irby.  What did you find?  How do think she’ll be similar, different, from our other authors?

7-7:15pm:  What do you stay busy, stay writing and reading, stay making progress on YOUR projects?

7:15-7:20pm:  Start reading Samantha Irby.  Forget about convention, forget about formality… forget about everything and just enjoy the read…  Did any of you get that sense from her, from your research and/or if you started reading?  Oh yeah, GET HER BOOK!!!  Download on Amazon if you have to….  Just READ IT.

7:20-7:25:  Back to your stories… Anyone have something, something to share?


HW:  Draft of your story (4 FULL pages).  Start reading Irby’s book.

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  1. Luis QUezaads says:

    Okay so I was going through some old pictures today and I came across my Kindergarten pictures and it was one of the funnest memories that I may consider writing about because that was the year that I met my best friend and we’ve been friends ever since. We would do everything together and it was such a heart to heart relationship. It was difficult to break us up. I considered him to be my little brother. It was just a time where there were no rules and you could do anything and not be judged. It was filled with laughter and smiles. There wasn’t a picture of us where we weren’t together smiling. For a quick second I felt like tearing up because of how close we’ve grown. Not only has he been there at my best, but he’s been there at my worst too. He’s more than just my best friend, he’s family as well and that is something that can’t be replaced or forgotten. I couldn’t be more grateful for meeting him and having him in my life!

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  2. Jonathan Ash says:

    To stay busy, I’ve just been trying new things every day and seeing what sticks for my routine. I feel like I’m able to use quarantine as a testing zone for new hobbies or some new creative outlet. It’s been nice to ACTUALLY learn how to somewhat cook something other than mac n cheese. Shoutout Gordon Ramsay and MasterChef for the inspiration. And I’ve gotten to create a stable workout routine that I can religiously stick to along with a daily stretch and sometimes some meditation as well. As for my academics, I’ve taken somewhat of a nosedive you could say, but hey, if I’ve learned anything during quarantine it’s that time seriously is relative. I’ve got a long way to go because I know I’m not where I want to be in that aspect of my life, but I know I still have time after my second semester at junior college to patch up the holes. Excited for the bumps ahead!

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      Didn’t you post this, already?


      1. Jonathan Ash says:

        thought it got deleted and I had to rewrite the last half from memory, my bad.

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      2. mikemadigan says:

        All good. Enjoy your night.


  3. mikemadigan says:

    Alright… what’s on the page for the night, y’all??


    1. Theresa Devine says:

      If you’re thinking, you’re sinking your own story.

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  4. Markus Ong says:

    I think the one that will really help my writing is adding perspective to your writing other than yourself

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  5. mikemadigan says:

    #professormikey, OUT…. Please have a draft by next class! And, start reading Ms. Irby’s book!! I’ll be available by text for the next hour or so. Enjoy your night, and I’ll talk to you throughout the week! Cheers..

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  6. Gilbert says:

    For tonights page: ‘Happiness is health’

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  7. pashatoub says:

    Writing about a school retreat in sixth grade, hoping to explore what each activity meant for me. Very vivid week for me. For the page: First person is the only person that’s you, present is the only tense

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  8. Jenna McGovern says:

    The question of how I’m doing is a rough one. It’s been hard feeling weighed down by the realization of my reality. I lost a close family member recently to the virus and it’s shaken up my family quite a bit. I hate to sound juvenile, bu my boyfriend of about a year and I have split during this as well, and it’s difficult to feel that lonely void during a time of separation from the world already. Also I’m trying to cope with my loss of a high school senior year and all of the events I’ll never be able to make up. I haven’t done online high school work in a while now and the guilt is killing me. But! I’m trying to pick myself back up this week. I know many have it worse, but I like to think that pain is relative. I guess I feel comfortable stating all of this because it’s just a computer screen staring back at me. Perhaps this is a sign to write more for myself. But for now, I’m wiping the tears and pulling it together, and I am looking forward to writing.
    I hope to find something to write about that will make me smile, like Irby’s novel encourages. Looking through old photos has helped brainstorm ideas and been a lovely way to relive good memories. It helps me feel connected to the world again, so I think my story will be a memory filled with many of my loved ones 🙂 The only way to go from here is up and I’m excited to start heading in a better direction.


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