English 1B, Wednesday 5/06/20

6-6:10pm.  Narrate your day… tell us a story from today…

6:10-6:30pm:  Your personal essay/story… share some paragraphs with us?

6:30-6:50pm:  What are some of the more exiting dimensions to writing about yourself?  Some of the challenges?

6:50-7pm:  Without spoiling anything in your story, what do you want readers to leave with? That is, what do you intend on teaching them?  What do you want your readers to do when done reading your writing?

7-7:07pm:  BREAK

7:07-7:20pm:  Samantha Irby….  Thoughts?  Passages from her book that had you laughing, or LEARNING?

7:20-7:30:  Describe her mood, attitude….

7:30-7:50pm:  OPEN MIC

7:50-8pm:  Close, tonight’s page…. Positive beats…..

HW:  Final Draft of your story, keep reading Irby and type a reaction to her (wherever you are in the book…)….  Journal entries, be prepared to share next meeting.

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  1. kielyrowe says:

    Driving driving driving. Today I went for a drive. It started as I was pissed off. Driving away from my problems made me feel better. Turn and drive. Which way gets me further from my problem. How long can I be on the road. Turn. Turn. Still driving. An hour later I get bored and return home, when my problems seem to think they are better. Wrong. Keep being mad. Ignore them. Ice them out. Just keep driving in your head.

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    1. mikemadigan says:

      Very musical… Love this!! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. mikemadigan says:

    What’s on tonight’s page y’all??? Great discussion tonight!!!

    One thing from me….. Feed yourself ideas that are silly and mad, not ordered and pretty.


    1. pace is peace in your paragraphs

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    2. Olivia peachey says:

      “forget about the length of your story, this submission… just write, be truthful, and enjoy your writing. Enjoy the pain, the love, yourself, all of it.”

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  3. shantiadams says:

    Sometimes, many times… the author is their own mood

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  4. mikemadigan says:

    Another thing….. What’s around you, right now, is eager to help you write your pages.

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  5. peacheymaddie says:

    When writing about the past, be accepting of how you felt and let yourself grow

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  6. skylerherring says:

    Feed yourself ideas that are silly and mad, not ordered and pretty. hahahah even though you just posted this but i had an awesome time tonight even though being in person with yall was so much better this is also great and I really enjoy you all and I couldn’t have asked to get placed in a better class being real with yall so just wanted to say thanks and make sure to let yall know I really appreciate every single one of ya!

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    1. Olivia peachey says:


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    2. mikemadigan says:

      Thank you, Skyler!!!! Same here!!


    3. peacheymaddie says:

      so nice!!! I also love this class and feel so lucky to have a great group of people, you all are amazing!!!

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      1. mikemadigan says:

        Appreciate the poz vibez, Maddie. Same here. Cheers…


  7. Karen Casas says:

    An author IS their own mood

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  8. skylerherring says:

    have a wonderful night yall see yall again next Wednesday! cant wait to see what we come up with next time

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  9. mikemadigan says:

    #professormikey, OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything tonight, y’all!! I’ll email you tomorrow regarding how we’re gonna close up the semester. Our “final” will be a set of prompts, solely engineered to boost your grade. You just have write passionately, pummel the page!!!! Talk soon…. RESPECT!!!!!

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  10. mikemadigan says:

    I’ll be available by text for office hours till 9, or whenever I have my last glass of vino.. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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