Seeing that people love judgement.

And we need that judgement.  That self-anointing tone assumed.  Let it propel you.  You know your page sequence and narrative light and architecture.  Consider what others say, and that’s it.  I’m not insisting you dismiss it, just bench.

Life of late odd days is a riled instructional funnel.  With an emboldening and encouraging nudge of a bustle.

Just let them say what they say, offer their remarks, their evaluation.  Then move as you do, to a new and much ado truth.

Self… what ought be tended to.

It’s not about control, it’s not even really a matter of understanding…. It’s the YOU of the scene, and how you can magnify and intensify, amplify and diversify the most You of YOU’s that’s able to be infused.

YOU, control the interaction, the narrative.  Not some blather-spatting babble-cackle.

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